We Succeed By Helping Others Succeed

So many people have lost touch with simplicity. When me and my coworkers were working together in the oilfield with no way of our own to travel to get supplies without company vehicles we always made sure to ask if anyone else needed to go to town to get supplies. It was just common sense and decency. While living with the guys on the yard we always made due of what we had. If someone knew how to do something we couldn't do we would trade works. If you help me do something I will help you. There was no exchange of money just bartering with skill sets.

When you think about how it was back in the "Good Ole Days" they did much of the same thing. Money was not used unless absolutely necessary. People bartered with goods and skills. Self sufficient villages tend to help one another farm and fill in the gaps of what their neighbor lacks. They also tend to accept new members of a certain skill set or trade of benefit. How smart is this? A carpenter can help and blacksmith who in turn can meld tools for the carpenter. A farmer can help these tradesmen with food in return for their services, etc. The only things people have to have is food, shelter, heat, air, and a way to repair or replace tools.

Back when, church was an all Sunday affair. You did not run in and run out right after the sermon. You stayed to eat and mingled with the people of your town. You made relationships with your neighbor and if they had a problem you could help with you helped them out. See people back then didn't live in their neighborhood without knowing almost everyone and by knowing everyone they new their strengths and weaknesses. Strengths to be utilized and weaknesses to provide aid to those in need.

Modern people are taught to not rely on anyone, go to school and college, learn a trade, struggle to find an entry level position, work for 5-10 years to gain experience, after you put in your time work on promotions, etc. This is setting the general population to be a follower and taking away direct control of your future. Making you wait on someone else to finally think you worthy enough. While your busy doing all you can to better your situation you are met with nothing but resistance due to competition. Everyone is afraid that someone else is going to succeed before them and so sabotage their neighbors attempt to climb the ladder.

What instead if people were simple turned off the TV, cell phone, IPAD, computer, went outside and partook in building a relationship with their surrounding neighbors? They could plan to cover their neighbors short comings in effect ensuring the blocks prosperity by bartering with their good and skills for trade. This would limit food and professional service bills. Take into account that everyone could pitch in to help the poor old man or lady down the road so the load is not cumbersome.

I hear all the time:

"It is hard to meet people"

"I must network for my business to prosper"

"Two heads are better than one"

"Its amazing what people can do when they work towards one goal together"

Why then do we over complicate things? Get out there and be apart of the solution not the problem.