The Illusion of Obstacles

Life’s obstacles are very real. Life is constantly expanding and contracting never remaining stagnate. It is much like a wheel spinning uncontrollably fast and your trying to line up the most opportune time to get on or jump off. If not carefully timed a collision of sorts will happen and leave you staggering in pain. This proper alignment is very hard to attain and takes much concentration and effort to hone. Not everyone is capable of attaining such skillful reactions. Like an athlete, fighter, or chess player without preparation failure is immanent. Can you play one on one with Michael Jordan without knowing the first thing about basketball? Can you step into the ring against Mike Tyson without training? Can a battle of chess be won without fine tuning your strategies? Of course not. So it only makes sense to train, prepare, and strengthen your weaknesses.

Many times athletes practice by themselves, fighters shadow box alone, and chess players play against themselves. Why? Because the fundamentals are important. No matter how basic the motion it is important to focus on the details of technique. If a competition is lost then you know something is wrong and go back to the fundamentals to strengthen your approach.

In competitions this ideology is considered common knowledge. Why is this not used in our daily lives? When it comes to intangible thought we encounter many obstacles but rarely is it ever handled as aggressively as in sports.

Take a look around you, everything was at one time non-existent and was made substance by thought. Nothing tangible can be without organized thought. Mathematically this would look like:

Tangible = Organized Intangible Thought

Which means Intangible is Tangible. This is powerful because it tells us if we can exercise full control of our thought process we can directly effect the outcome or solution. In essence what we think will be and if you feed the bad dog it will be bad, but if you feed the good dog it will be good. Let’s say a dog submerges himself in a pool of stink bait, what will it smell like? If you submerge a dog in a pool of lavender what will it smell like then? Right! It will smell great. The same is true of ourselves. If we constantly bath in negative thoughts we become consumed by its stench. Yet if we bath in positive thoughts we are consumed and permeate a most pleasant outcome.

Life is truly what you make it. If you think its bad it is and vice versa.

You must focus your energy on the good of all life has to offer. Even in the midst of struggles are great gems of lessons to be extracted. You can choose to find the bad in everything or the good. Take an unbiased look at how you handle situations and ponder them. If the percentage of negativity is 50% or greater than your out of balance. This is largely due to the fact that for every one negative it takes away 7 positives.

Now do not misinterpret me to say you can not ever vent about things but keep it to a minimum of 10-15 minutes of venting and then move on.