Real Estate

Real Estate is a world of it's own. Its is the economy. This is where all trades, services, and disciplines combine. If done right it has the potential to impact the whole community in the cycle of business. If you succeed then everyone will succeed.

This lucrative venture is very intimidating. Some say to just do it and learn with experience. This is only partly true. If you have enough money you could just do it, but is it necessary to waste money to get there? Some will say "It is the price of education". While there is some truth to all of these statements, and real estate has so many moving parts you will never learn it all, but you should at least have a basic understanding of the different parts. You should also have a deep understanding of real estate mathematics.

Here we will help you understand all the moving parts, the different roles you must undertake, and the secret to real estate investing...Math! You will see me reiterate this many times over because I cannot over emphasize this point enough. People are always wondering how successful people do it and what they know that we don't. Truthfully, there is no secret. The answer has been right under you nose and existed even before Christ in the times of Egypt and Rome. It is Mathematics! If this is so then why is it so many others have not succeeded? Though we are taught math in school we are not taught how this relates to the real world. We are taught the abstract principles without any tangible points to anchor this knowledge to. Plus, it is a lot of work and most people do not like to do anymore than they have to. It is the path of least resistance that most take. Only a few strive to be better. Welcome to the few.

The plethora of topics covered will mainly be on: