Finding Houses

Real Estate deals can be found in many different ways. Some of the tactics seem like vulture like and I do not judge one way or the other. I will attempt to list as many strategies as I can.

Driving for dollars

Pick some of the most beloved areas of your town and drive around looking for FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and Real Estate Agent signs. But most important look for signs of vacancy. If the grass is tall, there is a notice on the house, the inside looks empty then write it down. Document all the houses you find. Go back home to do some due diligence. Get online and search for each house address (I usually like to use You could use,, to name a few.

Your FSBO's will need to be looked up at your local city or county planning department website. If you cannot find it then call the city clerk and ask. You will find tax information, square footage, lot size, etc. The main one is the previously purchased price. If the owner got a permit to remodel or update the house it may be listed.

For the vacant homes you can call the city and ask for them to tell you who the owner of the house is. Call them and say "I noticed your house at {address} seemed vacant and was wondering if you maybe interested in selling it.".

Once you find what looks to be a good deal you need to run the numbers on it. See Deal Analysis Overview

Search Online

In todays world technology plays a big role. Long gone are the days of the newspaper being your one stop shop. Now we have websites and apps that allows us to search for property as well as social media. Some ideas:

Estate Auctions

This kind of auction can result in buying at a much lower cost at times. You must do your homework and have a predetermined number that you will not go over. That number must include the 10% auction fee as well. Also clarify with the auctioneer that the property has a clean title. If not you could inherit all the liens.

Be Proactive

More ways to skin a cat

Do not get discouraged. This has to be organically grown. It will not happen over night. Whether you have money does not matter really. Either way you are going to have to put yourself out there and let people know what you are doing. But the good news is it doesn't have to cost a lot of money up front. Just find a way to DIY (Do It Yourself) and utilize the free things or the inexpensive things first. I have used many expensive advertising methods that did not increase my exposure beyond what I could do door-to-door, networking, or free. Really if you think about makes more sense to grow organically and once your business has grown to pay for itself and make a small profit you can allocate a portion of the profit to expand your business with pay ads. Doing it in the reverse only drains resources from your personal finances or stifles your businesses.

Where there is a will there is a way. You just have to find it. Remember, everyday take a small step forward and you will progress. For everyday you do not take a step forward your going backwards.