One persons opinion is not reality

One person not correctly aligned with reality. Can cause great harm by gossiping but this negativity is eventually pierced by the eyes of the just. Whom has the right to state their opinion without first being asked? No one. An opinion is just that unless based on facts. No one has the right to ask anyone to do anything unless there is adequate motivation. But their are scam artists that are cloaked in sheep's clothing saying “I have been so wronged. I am a victim. Feel sorry for me”. Watch these people that so care that you believe them because a just man does not care if you believe because they know it is true and confident. Most people that have been wronged say very little and move on. Those that spread negativity to everyone are usually fishing for whatever you can give them. A truly noble hardworking man does not make you feel sorry for them. They just accept their plight.

It is however amazing that because of the breakdown of old principals so many are able to get away with methods like these among other tactics as well. If the old rule of not allowing others to talk badly of people was followed no one would fall into this trap. Now its surely true that some people tell the truth and could warn you of someones capabilities before things happen. But excessive unnecessary gossip and negativity is not the answer. Plant a seed of caution if need be and let others evaluate for themselves.