Be Selfish

Everyone has been taught that selfish is bad. To much of anything is bad but so is to little. Society doesn't teach us how to think, control emotion, handle sociological problems. But as we grow wise with age and experience the realization of happiness and mental strengths importance is revealed. If this was harnessed in earlier years we could cut off years of beating our heads against the same brick walls. This is the type of thing most mature people say “If i only knew then what i know now”. True but why are we not taught how to use the most important asset we have? Our self.

I truly believe divine intelligence is first and self is second then family, etc. Most are taught God, Family, and friends. What good is relationships and experiences if you don't have a solid foundation of self confidence, accurate thinking, happiness, gratitude, strength, etc. Your mind must be trained and programmed by a moral code of conduct/philosophy. This is the raw mental governing laws that enable one to make precise decisions. Everything, every action begins in thought. Until that thought is organized it cannot be of substance. So accurate thinking is crucial.

The mind like our physical bodies has many moving parts: conscious, subconscious, short and long term memory, problem solving, comprehension, reaction, emotion, etc. The body is made up of three things: mind, body, and soul. Each one has a plethora of important parts to work on. The goal should be set high and perfection though unattainable should be the desire. Like a fighters punch you should aim at the back of the target so you ensure to not graze it but follow through it.

These three things should be in balance with each other working in harmony. Keeping balance is the never ending fight, but the knowledge is well worth the never ending search. Always being the best you can be till death.

Find where your weak and get off your rump and do something about it. Put in the work. You work just as hard at being well rounded mentally as you would working out in the gym, or training for a competition.

Until you know what you want, who you want to be, what you want to do, and have a strong foundation so its second nature you don't need to add any life changing events to your life like: getting married, having kids, etc. Focus on yourself and when your life is proportionately balanced and able to handle problems without affecting your happiness then success in all endeavors will follow. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Once you get you right then everything else will follow.